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Professional Organizer Essentials

Whether you are fresh to the Professional Organizing field or a long time veteran, a well stocked work bag (or Mary Poppins Bag as many have called mine) is essential to your success on the job! Today I'm sharing all our work bag necessities and it all started right here:

This utility tote bag is the one item that changed it all! I'm going on 2+ years with this $11 bag that can literally carry it all!

What makes it even more functional is the addition of The Container Store Multi Purpose Bins - we use two medium bins and one small, but you could do any combination that works for you! Within one of the medium bins we store larger cleaning products - multi-purpose spray, aprons, garbage bags, and paper towels. The small sized one holds our work binder with client info and product lists as well as our label maker. The last medium sized bin holds personal items like a purse, lunch, and water bottle.

We contain smaller items in these IRIS brand cases. We use the small sized cases for Post-Its and chargers - We always bring my cell phone charger and label maker charger - better safe than sorry! I also store extra battery backups for my label makers in the charger case. We use the medium sized cases for the following:

1. Writing Utensils

- Sharpies (all sizes)

- Pens & Pencils

- Chalk Pens

- Paint Pens (for writing on glass)

2. Adhesives

- Command Strips

- Glue Dots (holds drawer dividers in place)

- Tape

3. Cleaners

- Rubbing alcohol wipes (removes sticky label residue)

- Goo Gone Pen

- Magic Eraser Sheets

4. Labels

- Chalkboard Labels

- Tag Labels

- You can read all about our label maker round up here

Our hardware kit contains the following:

- Screws

- Nails

- Picture Hangers

- Tacks

- Drywall Anchors

- Shelf Supports

- Hooks

Lastly, we recommend bringing a tool kit with you to jobs. You can piece together your own set or purchase a kit like this one. Either way essential items include a hammer, screw drivers, tape measure, level, and box cutter.

In the comments below let us know if we are missing anything! I'm sure we could squeeze a few more items in there!

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