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Put a Label on it

I would venture to guess that all organizers have one thing in common: Labels. Whether a Marie Kondo guru, a Home Edit fan girl, or a Peter Walsh worshiper us Professional Organizers are big proponents of labeling. Labels help make organizational systems sustainable. There is no questioning where an item lives if it has a designated home where it belongs.

Today I want to share our favorite options for creating labels. Whether you are just looking for a trusty household label maker or need to create custom high end vinyl labels - we've got you covered!

Brother P-Touch

Let's start with the Brother P-Touch. This is my tried and true trusty BFF that comes with us to every job. At only $25 it is my go-to recommendation for all households!



-Easy to use (even my kids love using it!)

-Prints quickly

-Lots of label tape color options


- Small label size. Limited to 1/2 inch label tape

- Limited design functionality

Where this guy shines is with it's super quick and easy to use functions. Our favorite way to use it is for labeling drawers.

Brother P-Touch Cube Plus

The Brother P-Touch Cube Plus has easily become our favorite option for creating custom looking labels at a fraction of the time of our vinyl label maker (more on that next!)


- Hundreds of fonts and design options

- Bluetooth connection to your phone for creating on the go or connect it to your computer for endless design options using the free design program

- Uses up to 1" label tape - great for making easy to read labels!


- Not as intuitive as the basic P-Touch, a slight learning curve

- Pricier

Silhouette Cameo

I did a ton of research on vinyl cutting craft machines before settling on the Silhouette Cameo 3. I'm not going to do a run down here comparing it to other options, but just know that I have been beyond amazed at what this machine is capable of!


- If you want high-end, custom, professional labels - this is where it's at

- Endless design functionality, the options are truly unlimited

- Versatile. Not limited to just vinyl cutting, can be used for many other craft purposes


- Most expensive option, usually right around $175 -$200

- It is a steep learning curve to use the design program, but once you get the hang of it, churning out labels is super easy, just time consuming


I honestly couldn't pick just one of these options as my favorite. We use all three almost every single day! If you are looking for a simple household label maker I would opt for the basic Brother P-Touch,

but if you want more functionality and design options then I would go for the P-Touch Cube Plus. If you are a Professional Organizer looking to step up your game, the Silhouette Cameo is going to really make your work stand out. Or you can just be a label maker hoarder like me and have all three!

Happy Label Making Friends!