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This isn't my first rodeo

Truth be told, I spent a good couple of solid years blogging about our travels back in the heyday of blogging. At some point I think I asked myself, "Do people even read blogs anymore?" I still think that's a relevant question to ask and I think the answer is yes and no.

My goal with this space is to offer you something more than I can solely offer on Instagram. You can expect more step-by-step organizing tutorials and behind the scenes of life as a Professional Organizer, mom, and business owner. Maybe a few travel highlights along the way?

I hope that you will follow along and to get started, let's get to know one another! If you are new to The Orderly Space here's a little about me and the business I started two years ago.

I'm Jennifer. Mom, wife, vegetarian, lover of travel, food, and all things organized. I started my business two years ago with the goal of creating purpose during the day while my kids were at school. I had no business background. No clue what I was getting myself into. No social media training. But what I did have was a degree in Psychology, a passion for organizing, and the desire to help others live their best lives possible. Quickly The Orderly Space grew one client at a time. It didn't take long before my work load maxed out and I've had the honor of adding several amazing team members to The Orderly Space crew. Together we help families declutter and get organized in whatever stage of life they may be in.

On the social media front my goal is to help all of you gain the skills and tools necessary to live a less cluttered and more joy filled life. So let's do this. Beginning blogging adventure in 3, 2, 1... go!

In the comments below share with me what you would like to see most in this space!