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Travel Essentials

Updated: Jan 4

Calling all travelers! Have a love for adventure and travel but not sure how to pack it all in one suitcase?! We are a family of carry on suitcase travelers - from a summer spent in Europe, to a winter spent in Japan, to a month-long trek through Australia - we have done it all with just one suitcase each! Part of the success comes from being intentional about what you pack - think capsule style wardrobe that can easily be mixed and matched - to having the right tools for the job. In today's post I'm rounding up all my go-to travel essentials to streamline your packing process and hopefully get you down to just one carry on suitcase too!

Kids clothes for two weeks in Maui! One packing cube each and both fit into one carry on suitcase!

1. If you haven't discovered the magic of packing cubes and you only want to invest in one item - let it be these Packing Cubes. I seriously don't know how people manage to travel without them! We have a set for each family member, each in their own color. This makes it very easy to quickly identify what belongs to who. We then roll each outfit to take advantage of as much space as possible.

2. We have gone through many travel toiletry bags but this particular bag from eBags has lasted the longest. I love that when we check into a hotel, all our essentials can easily hang from a towel rack in the bathroom without taking over the entire countertop. This makes it super easy to pack everything up especially if you will be traveling to multiple locations on one trip.

Photo by Jessie Bennett Photography

3. Truth be told, I love my Travel Purse so much that it is now my daily purse. So fair warning - you may likely never go back to any other purse! It has just the right amount of compartments to hold all the essentials and then some. I'm able to tuck a water bottle inside it as well, which is a big bonus for long travel days. The cross body style is a traveling necessity, and the zipper lock feature lets me rest easy as we walk through busy markets or city streets known for pick pocketing.

4. As a Professional Organizer, I'm constantly preaching on the benefits of decanting, and travel toiletries are no exception. I love these Travel Bottles for decanting my favorite shampoo, conditioner, and face wash into. I rarely buy travel sized toiletries, most often they are overpriced and too small. I bring just enough to get me through the first leg of the trip and if I need to buy more while we are traveling, then I restock as I go.

5. A Cord Organizer is essential when traveling with multiple electronic devices. Between our iPad, laptop, and phones we have plenty of chargers and headphones that benefit from a cord organizer.

6. Which leads me into this handy Charging Station which allows us to take advantage of a single outlet to charge all our devices. And isn't it always the case that there are never enough outlets in hotel rooms?

7. I'll be the first to admit that I am somewhat of a water snob and whenever possible I try to avoid buying plastic disposable water bottles. This Brita Water Bottle has changed everything! Now when we travel I can refill on the go and the built in filter makes even the most detestable tap water drinkable.

8. If you are aiming for a carry-on only suitcase for any extended period of time, this will likely require doing laundry on the go. These ultra light-weight Laundry Detergent Sheets are fantastic to tuck inside your suitcase without dealing with packing liquid detergent pods or powdered detergents or even buying overpriced single use detergent packs at your hotel. They dissolve into the washing machine and make packing light a breeze!

Traveling with Kids

- If you are traveling with babies or young kids I highly recommend renting items like pack and plays, strollers, and high chairs ahead of time. Travel Mamas did a round up of companies providing these services.

- Order things like diapers, wipes, and formula to be delivered to your hotel ahead of time. We do this with groceries too! Alternatively you can also buy these items once you arrive. Pack only what you will need for your travel days.

- In addition, check out some of these space saving travel items for kids:

Inflatable Booster Seat

Inflatable Toddler Bed (we had this and it was life saving when traveling with toddlers!)

Okay fellow travelers, did I miss anything? Share in the comments below your go-to travel essentials for keeping things organized and efficient.

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