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Jennifer worked for many hours with me as I prepped my house for sale. We purged, packed, labeled, organized, staged ... you name it. She did all the hard work, including carrying my library of books up and down stairs. She packed and moved an entire storage unit worth of things. She took donations to Goodwill and the ReStore. She refrained from rolling her eyes when I was faced with the choice of Keep or Toss, and chose Keep (she's a minimalist — me, not so much). She worked with my daughter, got along with my dog, worked with my realtor. She was professional and always on time.

We got a lot done, and my house went on the market a month faster than I'd expected it to happen, all because of her. And on reflection, I realize that I could not have done it without her, even with an extra month. The money I spent on her services was well worth it. I've already hired her to help with my move, after the house sells.

I can't recommend her more strongly.

Susan W.

Not your typical organizer- Jen has a keen eye for design and a modern style that can refresh any space!

Tracie G.

Jen came and organized my cupboards and pantry in my kitchen and I couldn't be more thrilled! Not only did she have great ideas for storage solutions but we found cost effective ways to make the most of my space! I now feel like I have so much more room and everything is in a practical space! Would highly recommend getting your kitchen professionally organized to really utilize the space you use the most in your house to its full advantage!

Leah S.

Jennifer and Meghan are amazing! They are friendly, talented, and trustworthy. Not only do they have amazing organizational skills, they have an eye for design that brings out the best in your home!

One of my highest compliments is their with with my children. They spent quality time with my kids helping them clean, purge, and pack up their rooms, saving me hours and hours of battles. They were patient, kind, and the right amount of pushy to help my kids make good decisions."

I highly recommend The Orderly Space!

Dawn C.